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First Look: Cenzontle/Mockingbird: Songs of Empowerment

Forthcoming title from Daniel Garcia Ordaz. Coming April 2018.

A code-switching collection of diverse poetic forms, styles, and personas celebrating the dynamics of the human voice & spirit. Daniel García Ordaz, the Poet Mariachi, the author of You Know What I’m Sayin’?, encourages readers to perform the text aloud, such as his adaptation of Shakespeare’s “Romeo & Juliet.” A polyglottic exhibition of empowerment through performance. Influenced by and dedicated to the memories of Maya Angelou and Gloria E. Anzaldúa.

First Look : Chicano Blood Transfusion

Forthcoming from Edward Vidaurre in March 2018.

Sometimes the grind of life in modern America sucks Latin@s dry: between the daily micro-aggressions and institutional racism, la gente find themselves drained of that essential chispa. At times like those, we need a Chicano blood transfusion like the one Edward Vidaurre injects straight into our souls in his most recent collection. So just lean back and let yourself be guided through the graffitied recesses of our collective barrio by one of the most important poets of deep South Texas, whose unique voice blends street, Beat, form and striking breadth.


First Look: La Espiral de la Locura

Espiral cover B

Forthcoming January 2016.

Quince cuentos de una de las imaginaciones más singulares de la literatura oscura. Una travesía a lo desconocido. Un viaje escalofriante a lo fantástico. Un salto tenebroso al vacío psicodélico de las emociones fuertes. Alejandro Cabada te acompaña al dominio de lo onírico, donde todas las leyes de lo establecido son destruidas y no hay tiempo ni espacio para meditarlo. Abróchate el cinturón. La espiral comienza a girar.

First Look: Transplant

Transplant cover full

Forthcoming later this month, Transplant by Shirley Rickett.

Where is home? Mostly in the mind and spirit. If we visit a place where once we lived, it’s the memories crowding in that take us back, not the plaster and brick. Moving is in our DNA, even if we have lived in the same place for years. The wood and glass changes because we change. In The Poetics of Space, Gaston Bachelard says that all inhabited space bears a notion of home, and that an entire past comes to dwell in a new abode. Transplant explores these themes of change and loss, and aging, and more. It seeks to carry out what Bachelard calls the function of poetry: “to give us back the situations of our dreams.”

First Look: Unwoven

Unwoven cover final

Forthcoming from Erika Garza-Johnson, Unwoven.