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I Took My Barrio On A Road Trip (Second Edition) Now Available


Edward Vidaurre, FlowerSong Books’ publisher, is a driving forces behind the explosion of poetic and literary art coming out of Texas’ Rio Grande Valley region in recent years. This collection, published by Slough Press, offers a very personal and dynamic glimpse into the journey that brought both Edward’s poetry and his person to this point.

“I Took My Barrio on a Road Trip” is a tale of soul always searching; it is a story of a man that has found a home. It is a tale of a culture that exists anywhere you take your heart and your history. It looks to the future and it seeks to define itself in the ever-ending present.

I am not Chicano, but I have a brother in the pieces “Summer in El Salvador” and “The Bullet of ’91”. I did not grow up in the housing projects of Los Angeles , yet I share in the story of “Her Name was Maria”.
These poems each stand on their own merit and under their own power, but when taken together, this book becomes something greater than the sum of its parts. Divided into three, roughly chronological sections, exploring this collection leaves the reader with the feeling of having gotten to know a new friend, someone that CAN understand, because he HAS lived. Edward Vidaurre invites us all along as fellow travelers, knowing very well that we all are here to share the best and the worst life has to give us.

Buy this book of poetry, and if your travels every bring you to deep South Texas, do what you can to see Edward Vidaurre read, I promise, you will find a friend.

– PW Covington, Author of The Motor Hotels of Central Avenue: A Poetry Collection

Pick up this seminal text on Amazon. Or, get yourself to the RGV. The book – and the trip – are well worth it.