Matthew Revert: A friend of FlowerSong Books. Look for new book covers featuring his art and graphic designs to feature on FSB.

book by Matthew Revert


Matthew Revert is a designer based in Melbourne, Australia who has gained prominence in the independent press and record label world for his creative designs. His design of different formats, including books, cassettes and LPs, for various clients ranging from independent presses to industry heavyweights such as Eraserhead Press, Thick and Vaney, Bizarro Pulp Press, Ampersand Press, Broken River Books, Lazy Fascist, Kye Records, Erstwhile Records, Slope Editions, Noemi Press, Civil Coping Mechanisms, Grindhouse Press and Dzanc, to name a few, has garnered him a strong following and a recognisable name. Sought for his unique style of design which often throws back to 60s and 70s era Penguin books, Revert’s work evokes a sense of nostalgia and harkens back to an untainted version of design. Known for a wide range of design styles and implementations, possibly his most popular signature is creating distressed, aged looks which can have even the trained eye believing the item in question to be well-thumbed and roughly treated by human hands and the inescapable ravages of time. His work ranges from purely digital design, to organic construction, to creation by hand and/or a careful symbiosis of multiple mediums to create eye-catching and idiosyncratic designs.

Cover design by Matthew Revert
art by Matthew Revert