Are you that person who always plays “Como La Flor” on your cellphone late at night when you are sitting around drinking with friends? Sings “Si Una Vez ” at Karaoke night? Do you load up the jukebox with “No Me Queda Mas” on repeat and dance by yourself? Do you always get sad sometime in March and you don’t know why? Because Selena died on March 30th, 1995! That’s me, that’s you. And we can all tell our stories of hearing the news, twenty three years ago, that, possibly, Selena was dead. Since then, she has become enshrined in tableaus in Mexican restaurants, on candles, in graffiti, in our writings, and in our corazones. Her music is as popular as ever, and so many Tejan@s, Chican@s, and so many others have been influenced by her.

We are looking to collect fiction, nonfiction, poetry and basically anything else that can be printed on the page, as long as it in some way reflects the spirit of Selena. You will know as soon as you read this if you are someone who should contribute and probably what you should contribute as well. Let’s get this together in time to have the book in hand on the April 16 date. To do that, I’ll need all of your contributions by Jan 31, 2019. Don’t hesitate!

There will not be other Harlingens, m’ija! No real publication requirements, but try to keep longer pieces under 2500 words.

-Erika Garza, Editor

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